About Eco-Clean
Eco-Clean Cleaning Service provides the New Orleans community with a healthy and safe approach to cleaning. Eco-Clean was founded by Isabel Ryan Theriot in Septmeber 2010 with the goal of offering an alternative to the traditional, harsh chemicals used by most cleaning services.

Eco-Clean Products
Eco Clean makes most of the cleaning products that are used to clean your home. We use white vinegar as the base for these products. A variety of essential oils are added to this base not only to create refreshing smells, but also to utilize the properties of the essential oils that work best for different areas of a home. If a homeowner prefers that certain essential oils are used or not used, Eco Clean is happy to accommodate this preference.

Eco-Clean Rates
The cost of cleaning a home is contingent on the size and/or condition of the home. Eco Clean provides the option of a one-time cleaning or can put a customer on a routine cleaning schedule. The initial or one-time cleaning of a home always costs more than follow-up cleanings, as the Eco Clean team uses this time to familiarize itself with the home and to get all of the dirt that may have accumulated or that has been missed by previous cleaning services. If a customer decides to have Eco Clean clean their home on a regular basis, each cleaning will cost less than the initial cleaning. If a homeowner is interested in having their home cleaned on a routine basis, the regularity of the cleanings is up to the customer. Some examples of the frequency of cleanings that customers choose are once weekly, twice monthly or once a month.

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Testimonials for Eco-Clean
"What a relief to have my house as clean as I've always dreamed but did not have the time or expertise to do so well ! Isabel does a truly thorough job that provides added piece of mind by using environmentally friendly products. I am now enjoying my time at home with my family instead of being distracted by the dust in the corners." -Laura